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We hate to use the word rules but to keep it fair, safe and confusion free for everyone we thought we should list some.

  1. Everyone must wear a helmet when on their skates or bike. Keep that beautiful brain of yours safe.

  2. Additional safety equipment such as elbow, knee pads and wrist guards are not required but recommended.

  3. The 5K Skate is meant for beginners only - advanced skaters should register in the 10 Mile or Marathon distances.

  4. No skating additional miles outside of the distance you are registered in. 

  5. Cross drafting is allowed. Playing nice means going faster.

  6. Wear what you want. As long as no clothing pieces fall off while participating that could impede another athlete.

  7. Skates do not need to have breaks but please be sure you are able to control your speed and skate within your limits. There is plenty of run-off room at the finish but there are hills to climb up and skate down throughout the course.

  8. No skate skis or skate boards allowed please.

  9. First wheel across the line wins. Photo backup will be used in addition to the timing chip.

  10. Athletes are permitted to win the overall as well as their age-group. "Double dipping" is allowed.

  11. Timing chips must be worn on top of helmets. Don't worry we will demonstrate how to put them on when you get them. No timing chip, means no time, no excuses.

  12. Please wear all race numbers provided. This helps with back-up timing and scoring as well as in the photo backup. If race numbers are not worn then no time or placement will be awarded. 

  13. Any athlete seen taking a short cut will be disqualified. The course must be completed in full to be awarded a time and placement.

  14. No outside technical support or aide is allowed on the course. Water bottle passing is only permitted within the feed zone areas.

  15. Be courteous to your fellow competitors. No foul language or comments. This is fun so keep it fun for everyone.

  16. Stay right unless passing. Please no intentional blocking. 

  17. No dogs allowed on the course

  18. Strollers are allowed but should start behind the rest of the runners.

  19. No unregistered pacers are allowed for the 5K Run.

*Additional rules may be added if needed.

Should you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at


Q: Are there hills on the course?

A: Yes! (see elevation profile with course map)

Q: Is the course hard?

A: We didn't make it easy.

Q: Do we skate both up and down hills?

A: Yes! In winter up hill both ways without shoes and socks.

Q: Should I train before coming to this race?

A: Probably, you will be in less pain.

Q: I'm really worried about messing up my hair for the pictures, do I really need wear a helmet?

A: Yes. No helmet, no participate.

Q: Is cross drafting allowed?

A: Yes

Q: Will I be able to register for the event on race morning?

A: Yes, for the 5K run only. Skaters packet pick up is available race morning for pre-registered athletes. All skaters must register by Saturday before the race at the expo or online.

Q: Can I win the overall and my age group?

A: Yes

Q: Will there be an award ceremony?

A: Yes. Shortly after the final athlete crosses the finish line. 

Q: What is the age standard for Master Elite?

A: 50+ for men and 40+ for women

Q: Will there be a cut off time for skate courses?

A: Yes. Athletes must complete the course in three hours. Athletes will be pulled from the course at the three hour mark and driven back to the finish line. Any athlete pulled from the course will be listed in the DNF results. 

Q: Will there be a cut off time for the run course?

A: Yes. Athletes must complete the course in one hour. Athletes unable to finish before the 1 hour mark will be asked to finish their run on the sidewalk so not to interfere with the skate portion of the event. Runners will still be permitted to finish through the finish line but should do so carefully to ensure no skaters are present. 

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