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Note from Race Organizers: 
Hello skaters. We have missed you and hope that we can produce another Saguaro Sunrise someday soon. We are in search of a new race venue that isn't quite so hard and a bit more forgiving that will also allow beginners to participate. The area of Oro Valley is amazing and is just about perfect for the event except for those killer hills. They are killer to go up and scary to go down. If you come across any area that you think might make a great skating race, please email us. It doesn't have to be in Arizona, it can be anywhere. We want to bring more professionally produced races to the skating community but just need a place to do it. 

Stay safe, keep skating and we hope to see you soon!

- Breanna Bissell
Saguaro Sunrise
Saguaro Sunrise
10 Mile Course
Professionally Chip Timed
Expo, Awards Ceremony, Host Hotel
2019 SS Promo Video

2019 SS Promo Video

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